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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pierce Was Hiked For Layla

"Pierce...dedicated to Layla. Layla climbed her own mountain of fear, and found JOY at the top. Pierce has been a place I've found much pure JOY...lazily lollygaging for hours with my own two Aussies. I am so grateful for everything Layla taught me about taking things slowly, step by step...just like hiking a mountain. When the goal is reached it doesn't matter if it isn't the most magnificent or glorious 'peak', as long as you feel the JOY of reaching it!" Given by Rosie Homer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I see that you climbed Pierce and posted Layla's picture (the dog in the middle).
Layla was a 'rescue' dog that came here for fostering & rehab. She was malnourished, covered with matts with bloody sores under them, and she was completely terrified of everything. After 3 months of step-by-step, slow and careful rehab, she was able to overcome her fears and became a joyful living being.
She was adopted by a wonderful new home, and is very much loved.
Thanks for the picture. I gasped and my heart stopped when I saw it. I loved her, and miss her.
Still enjoying your blog,
Rosie Homer

Thomas F. Ryan said...


Thank you for your comments. It was a great day to hike Pierce for Layla; one of those days we all dream of having up there above treeline.

Thanks again for sponsoring this peak for her. It is greatly appreciated!