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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Some of you wrote in about Amelia and the She-Munk. You saw the cute, little coquettish rodent yesterday, but you haven't seen Amelia, until now. In one photo she's at the suet feeder on the door. In the others she's taken her wrong turn and is sitting on the windowsill inside looking out, and looking more than a little flustered at getting lost again.

As you may recall, I named her after Amelia Earhart because of her beauty, her love of flight, but also because of her unfortunate tendency to get lost. A.E. only got lost once (that I know of), unlike my neighborly woodpecker who seems to get lost every third day or so, but it was a tragic 'once'. In honor of A.E., here's a song my dear friend Sarah turned me onto.

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