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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slide Show: South & Middle Moat

Our slide show from Saturday's early morning hike to South and Middle Moat mountains can be found here.


Ellen Snyder said...

The Moats are on our list for next hikes -- maybe New Year's Day. After your post we are itching to go. Kodi too!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Ellen, the Moats are highly underated. That's a good thing, though. While others pay their constance devotion to mountains simply because they measure over four thousand feet high avoid them...this makes for less people up there.

A word of warning regarding Kodi. As you could see by the pictures, there's no snow, but the middle third of the hike (which crosses the ledges) has some dangerous ice flows. I fell three times and I had microspikes on. I couldn't use crampons because there's still plenty of exposed rock.

Atticus handled it well but it took some figuring out. On two occasions I picked him up and carried him for a ten or twenty yards.

Hopefully it will snow before you go and some of that ice will be more easily and safely traversed.