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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Snow if falling in Jackson...finally. It's only the second time this winter we've had snow and the last snowfall took place so long ago up until this morning we've had a lot of bare, brown ground up here. Forecasts call for up to ten inches up here, less than what they'll have along the coast. The area desperately needed this storm as the local cross country ski areas have been closed for business. The mountains had a bit more snow but the trees had been naked. Today's storm will bring winter at its best to the mountaintops over the next several days.

As I put off shoveling for as long as possible, someone (look above) is happy to have snow to play in again. For the full photo album you can check out our Following Atticus Facebook page, where you can keep up to date on everything going on with our book. You can
access that page here.


Ellen Snyder said...

Glorious snow today -- well over a foot here in southern NH and still snowing. Kodi is having a blast in the deep powder. Finally a blizzard worth its name!! Happy snow to you and Atticus.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Finally! Looks like we'll end up with about a foot up here. Trails should be beautiful over the next several day.

Romp on, Kodi!