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Friday, February 03, 2012

Provincetown Sojourn

For each of the past three winters, Atticus and I have headed to the Outer Cape and rented an affordable off-season house in Provincetown. We go for the walks on the beach, we go for a change of pace, but more than anything, we go for the vast horizons and the incredible light. We'll always love mountains best, but it's great to get to the sea as well. And each time we return to the beach it's a return to Atti's childhood (or is that puppyhood?). When he was young we spent our mornings and evenings romping on the beach at Plum Island. We don't get back to Plum Island very often any more, but that's all the more reason for us to get out to PTown once a year in what is the darkest season in the mountains.


audree said...

what a beautiful change of scenery! it's nice to see you folks in my kind of place since i'm reading your blog all the way in Hawaii!

Logan said...

I was there this summer and it was too full of tourists, but I thought the area lovely. Maybe this coming winter the wife and I will go back on the off season.

Beautiful photos.

Mark Truman said...

Love it! PTown is such a wonderful getaway in the winter (and is great the rest of the year too). Nothing like having those beautiful beaches to yourself.

TinaL said...

Tom, it seems to me no matter where you are, at the beach, in the mountains, as long as you and Atticus are together you're both in your element how AWESOME is that?! Ya know...Atticus wouldn't be Atticus without you and you wouldn't be who you are today without Atticus, it really does take two :))). Best Friends ROCK whether four legged or two.....have a fabulous weekend!!!
I prefer the four legged ones. :)

Mrs A said...

Beautiful photos Tom, Atti is a very contemplative fellow, even at the beach!

Scott said...

I love P'town. Unfortunately we live in Reno, NV and it is very far. Would love to take the dogs there. We took them to Oregon Coast last summer and they had a great time on the beach. Just don't drink the water!

Silvia said...

Ciao Tom & Atticus,
ho finito di leggere il libro Following Atticus sul treno con una costante temperatura di -8 gradi. Credo che anche tu abbia trovato il "quid" della vita. Tanti abbracci virtuali a te e ad Atticus.
Silvia da Parma (Italy)

Anonymous said...

Tom & Atticus,

I asked Santa for your book at xmas time and got it.Loved it,made me feel like I was right there with you both.
I have 2 mini schnauzer's Lily and Sassy and they are the loves of my life.I certainly understand you and Atti's connection.It was God's plan for you two to be together.
Hope you both are well.