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Friday, July 02, 2010

Slide Show: Speckled Mountain

We had a beautiful day to climb Maine's Speckled Mountain over in Evans Noitch. The slide show is here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom and Atticus,
Great recent postings and so happy to hear you're shaking the virus, finally. Thought~ducking out of a rendezvous that you're pretty certain is not going to be something you'd put together for your pleasure is just fine. Actually, it's more than fine and the 'righter' thing to do than to yield, knowing you'd much prefer the tandem lifestyle you have with Atti. Solitude is a precious and rare experience that offers more information than superfluous chitchat. No need to feel bad about being you.
Cindy from Hampton

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Hey, Cindy.

Thanks for your kind words. It's good to be getting out there after falling onto the couch for nearly 10 days. (Poor Atticus! He was very patient while I was sick.)

Evans Notch is a special place and we look forward to getting back there throughout the summer.

Here's hoping the two of you are getting out there as well. But be careful in this heat.

Tom (& Atticus)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,
great meeting you and Atti on the trail. One never knows when you'll meet a famous person. Just a bit of advice- We think you should get some sense of humor training. Oh by the way I have this cousin with 16 kids that would like you to guide them to ......

See you on the trails
Rick & Diane St. Hilaire (Maine Rednecks)

Thomas F. Ryan said...

It was fun running into you guys on the trail. It was fun to laugh with people who curse as easily as I do. Actually, Rick, you were a gentlemen. Diane was the one with the potty mouth. How funny that conversation was!

Where else did you hike?