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Monday, December 18, 2006

Our logo

The logo you see comes from local artist Liz Lichtenberg. I gave her a very vague idea of what I was looking for, sent her some photos, and then was more than pleased when she returned a few soft sketches and what you see as the logo for our Winter Quest for Cure was among them.

One of the reasons I like it is that she captures the simplicity of this thing we've come to love. We simply go out and walk up a mountain or two. And yes, Atticus is always the first to the top and I struggle somewhere behind. Liz also captured Atticus' summit presence perfectly. He likes to sit and ponder in peaceful contemplation. I've never quite met another dog like him, especially another terrier.

And like all quests, the higher or farther you go, the more difficult it becomes. With her pyramid design she gets that, seems to understand that I have never met an easy mountain and more specifically those we are to raising money for also understand the difficulty in reaching the summit.

My sincere thanks go out to Liz for providing us with a fitting logo.

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Unknown said...

This logo is absolutely awesome. It captured you and Atticus, perfectly. Kudos to Liz Lichtenberg.