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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This Dog Cracks Me Up

Yes, I’m aware someone needs a haircut and a bath and could maybe stand to lose a few pounds. (I mean besides me.)

Today we were off to hike North and South Hancock with Jeff Veino. It was a beautiful day but I wasn’t feeling so well. As a matter of fact I was feeling so bad I stopped a couple of miles in and let Jeff go on by himself since he had driven all the way up from Portsmouth. Instead, Atticus and I spent the day sitting by or in the various streams, counting clouds, and just relaxing while waiting for his return.

It was a welcome change from the last few days, even though I wasn’t feeling well, as I’ve been busy educating myself on finding the right literary agent, how to query one, and then started the querying process.

It was good to be outside and Atticus appreciated it. Any day that is not a writing day for me is a better day for him. Funny dog, he just loves being in nature, sitting, running or walking. These shots are taken by a stream we were sitting by for about an hour.

Now we are home and he’s back to his summer sleeping place, under my desk near my feet. This is something new. He used to prefer napping on the bed behind my chair when I was writing and when he felt it was time for me to take a break he would startle me by standing up on his hind legs, placing his front paws on the top of the back of my chair and pushing his nose into the back of my head. Now he simply noses my leg when he thinks I’ve been writing too long.

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