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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Atticus on Animal Planet this Saturday

Atticus will appear on Dogs 101 this Saturday. The show airs at 9:00 pm on Animal Planet. I've not seen the segment and I don't know when the segment on miniature schnauzers will air during the hour. I'm not even sure how much of the segment will focus on Atticus. What I do know is that they spent the better part of two days late last winter following Atticus around with their camera crew. We filmed portions of the segment in North Conway while walking down the street, sitting for an interview at the Nereledge Inn and gathering more footage at the Met Coffeehouse. Then we filmed a short hike to the top of Elephant's Head in Crawford Notch. The following day the cameras met us at Angell Animal Medical Center. Other than the interview I sat for, Dr. Maureen Carroll and various members of the MSPCA Angell fundraising staff were also filmed.

For those of you who are like us and don't have a television, you can catch the segment on the Animal Planet website following the airing. I'll link to it when it is up.


Ari Herzog said...

Yay Atticus!

Angie said...

Atticus & Tom, what an inspirational story! Animal Planet is doing a great job of using Atticus as an exemplary example of his breed.

Attaboy, Atticus!

Sara said...

That was such a great segment! I loved learning about you and Atticus and look forward to following your journey from here on out!

igs4me said...

It was a nice spot on animal planet. Way to go, Tom and Atticus.

Laura B. said...

Hi Tom and Atticus!

My 2 girls were also on with Atticus! Annie and Liesl. I don't know if you remember my email about them. Annie is in love with Atticus....she watched him while Liesl slept.

Your story had me in tears in regards to Atticus's health and I'm so happy everything turned out for the better.

We'll be following your adventures!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thank you for the comments, everyone. Believe it or not I've yet to see the show. We don't have a television. I'm told it will be up on the web soon enough.

I have to say this about Joe Souza, the producer for Powderhouse Productions who handled this with his crew: they were wonderful to work with. It's amazing how much goes into getting a small piece put together. There had to be about seven hours of active filming over a two day period.

I'm told one of the quotes that didn't make the final cut was Dr. Maureen Carroll's comment that Atticus speaks English with his actions. Too bad it didn't make it because I think she captured him well with that comment.

Anonymous said...

That was one of the best shows I have watched in a long time.

I am glad to hear Atticus is doing better.

He is just so awsome!

Kayla said...

Atticus is identical to my dog Anniebelle! What kind of mix is he? We have been trying to figure this out since we rescued her.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Kayla, Atticus is a pure bred miniature schnauzer. (Although we don't spread that around too much.)