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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tecumseh is Being Hiked in Honor of Larry

Our first dedication has come in. Ann MacMullen has dedicated Mount Tecumseh to Larry. That's Larry above. What a nice shot!

Here's what Ann writes:

Dedicated to Larry, a brindled hound of unknown lineage. He loves chasing squirrels, dreams, and anything resembling food. He is my protector and my best friend. Left tied to a fence in Manhattan 8 years ago, Larry now enjoys a country life in Off-the-Leash-Land, MA, with his own beds on every floor of the house. And he's real life proof that dogs are 'chick magnets': because I married the boy that rescued the brindled hound. Since then, I've had many adventures with Larry, in many woods, during many seasons; and I know I'm lucky to have had each one. Larry has made my life immeasurably better, and this is cause for celebration. We're donating to Angell to help support the most successful inter-species relationship on the planet--Dogs and Humans. May we never be parted! Thanks for all that you do, Tom and Atticus, to illustrate just how strong this bond can be.

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