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Monday, March 08, 2010

Ellen Snyder Is One Of Those Friends I've Never Met

Although I've never met Ellen Snyder, ours is a modern day relationship. We are bloggers, connected by the Internet and linked to one another by our shared passion in dogs and our wonder of the natural world. To the right, down a ways, you will see that she is one of three bloggers I link to. That's how much I think of this wildlife biologist. Perhaps I'm drawn to her blog because of the insight she brings to nature for a man who loves what he sees, but doesn't always know what he's looking at out there in the woods or on the seashore or in a field. But more likely I'm drawn to her because she's a rare breed: the scientist who is also a beautiful writer.

Recently she pulled on my heart strings when she wrote about having to let a troubled dog go. Her tale of Bella broke my heart. One of her latest installments is about her remaining dog, Aria. If you like good writing or if you like dogs or both,
check it out.

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