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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slide Show from Black Cap Hike Today

It was a little warm and a bit hazy but boy did it feel good to get back out on a mountain again. My body didn't always agree since I'm still recovering from surgery but this was simply soul work and I really needed that. Here's the slide show.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
That was GREAT! What a treat to see you guys ambulating after these last bogus weeks; congratulations and thank you for the great slideshow and music.
Cindy (Hampton)

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thanks Cindy. Felt great to be out there and it's a pleasure to be seen ambulating.

Confession: I actually made this slide show for my doctors but it plays well here, too. I'm going to give them disks when I see them on Thursday.

Karl said...

Great slides Tom. I'm glad to see you and Atticus are out and about a bit. Don't over do it though. Health first!

Jill and I will be hiking Black Cap Friday...I hope we get as nice of a day as you had up there.


Jemk said...

Great slide show! I'm sure your Dr.'s will enjoy it. Let us know how your appt. goes.

Ellen Snyder said...

Terrific! You both look great :)

THK & two white dogs said...

I just saw you two on TV, googled up your blog and wanted to say hello. :) Awesome pictures! Good luck to you and your faithful friend!

Greetings from Norway.