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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slide Show of this Morning's Hike Up Hedgehog.

Today marks the six week anniersary of my surgery. The drainage tube is still in my side (and it still hurts). It makes it difficult to move quickly, bend over, reach for things, and most importantly...breathe. At night when I yawn the pain goes through my torso. And yet as slow as we moved today it was so worth going to the mountaintop. We both needed it. And although the five mile loop went slower than ever for us, we finished safely and we're now home relaxing and remembering a fine day on Hedgehog.

The slide show can be seen by clicking here.


Karl said...


Another great trip and awesome pictures.

Looks like Atticus got a little hair cut. Hopefully, he'll be cooler as the summer comes to an end.

I hope you're feeling better and I'm sorry your still in a bit of pain. Hopefully, each day gets a better for you.

Which way did you do the loop? Clockwise or counter?

Take care,

Jemk said...

What beautiful pictures you take of the mountains. Have you ever thought about putting some of them in a photo contest? Atticus looks like he enjoyed the hike! Sorry to hear you're still in pain. Do you know when the tube comes out? I bet you're hoping it's soon!

Tricia said...

Here's hoping that the beauty & peacefulness of the mountains & forests
continue to give you renewed strength & tranquility!

So glad to see you out there again Tom & Atticus!

Take it slow~~
the rest will follow :)

Tricia N

Ellen Snyder said...

Hi Tom,

It was back in early February that we hiked (snowshoed) Hedgehog for the first time. It was there, on those exposed ledges, that we toasted our hot chocolate to Bella. Thanks for bringing back some memories. Nice to see this lovely spot in its summer attire. I hope your pain subsides soon and you can be rid of the tube. You are hiking though, that is what matters. An amazing recovery.

Misty Wood said...

Such gorgeous pictures! The clouds looked so close like you could reach up and touch them.. Atticus was really taking in all the beauty!

I hope you get feeling better soon..

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thanks Karl. We do Hedgehog at least once a year and we switch it up. This time we went counter clockwise.

Jemk: they're talking about leaving the tube in for another two to three months.

Tricia: Have no choice but to take it slow these days. I laugh about that considering some of the hikes we used to fly over. But you are right, it's great to get out there in nature no matter how difficult it is to get to the top of a mountain.

Ellen: I would highly recommend going back to Hedgehog in the autumn for peak foliage. The view from the east ledges are spectacular at that time of year with the forest below you "on fire" with colors.

Misty: I love the clouds and sometimes focus my shots on them for I think the "skyscape" can be as beautiful as the landscape.

Jemk said...

Two to three months, wow! Do you have to have more surgery? Take it easy & keep hiking.


Thomas F. Ryan said...

Yes, Jan. At this time they're saying I need more surgery to clean up the area. It was so bad and the poison had spread everywhere throughout my system so that they had to get in and get out.

How is your healing going?

Jemk said...

I'm feeling pretty good. I don't have anymore pain. It's too bad that you have to have the tube for 2-3 more months. Hopefully it will go quickly. You don't want to go through that (septic shock) all over again! Are they going to take the rest of your gallbladder out? Take care of yourself.