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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Our Walk This Evening

This evening Atticus and I were headed to Pudding Pond for a walk, but while driving through North Conway the sky became a dramatic roiling sea that cast various shades of light on the foliage. Instead of heading for the two mile loop in the woods that abuts the pond, we walked along the Saco River instead, where we could watch the show put on by the fading light and the clouds.

In the top photo, the clouds give the appearance that they are emanating from the summit of Mount Washington, which sits low in the center of the picture just above the trees. Those familiar with the Lord of the Rings can recall Mount Doom. Or locally, back a few hundred years, the Abenaki would say the Great Spirit Agiogochook, who lived atop the highest peak in New England, was busy at work. It sure seemed it from where we were standing.

The clouds moved rapidly. Just from the time we took to walk from the car to the river, perhaps one hundred yards, the great mountain disappeared in a veil of clouds.

After we walked along the river for a while we drove up to the top of Cathedral Ledge hoping for a different angle of the show. Alas, the sun had set and while the clouds still told a story, the light had left for the day and the photos were not as special.

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