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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pinkham Notch Practice Shots with the New Camera


Jan said...

Poor Atticus, he doesn't even have a beard!! Oh well, it'll grow back, & he's still a cutie. Your pictures are beautiful, have fun with the new camera!


John said...

I don't expect we will be able to see the difference in the camera on a computer screen. Your pictures never depended much on the camera anyway; their beauty came from your subject matter (the White Mountains and Atticus) and your inner eye. It is always a treat for me to see one of your slideshows when I'm stuck in the office with some computers.

Misty Wood said...

What beautiful pictures of the mountains... And I can actually see the happiness and excitement on Atticus' face! So glad you're feeling better and able to enjoy the mountain walks and spending time with such a true friend and companion.. This is my favorite time of year - Autumn. You can feel the slight chill riding the air - very exhilarating!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thanks Jen and Misty.

John, once things tone down in a week or so with the editing of the manuscript we hope to be getting out there far more often. So hopefully we'll give you more to see.