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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lost Dog Was Found! Read Comments Section Below Post

I just received this email. Tomorrow Atticus and I will head out there looking for Gary. But hopefully he'll be found by then.

Hi Tom-
I’ve followed your blog for a while and I know you post on views from the top and like dogs. I wanted to post something on views from the top but I’m not a member. My husband lost our dog in Conway today at noon. At the green Hills preserve TNC property in Conway. He is 30 pounds and friendly, looks like a border collie with keeshond coloring. His name is Gary. My phone number is 908-887-3809 or 603-724-5264. He is about 2 feet tall at the shoulder. He has an orange ‘don’t shoot me jacket’ on today. He was last seen near the top of the peaked mountain at the green hills preserve off of Thompson road in Conway. I’m 3 hours away from there and have no idea what to do other than to get the word out to anyway who might be willing to help.

Lisa Bowman


Anonymous said...

Tom! Gary was found around 6PM this evening. After wandering around the TNC preserve he found his way back to the trailhead, where he met a hiker who saw the flyer and called us. We are so relieved!

Thanks so much for posting!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Great news, Lisa! Glad Gary will be sleeping in his own bed and not the cold woods tonight.

Jan said...

Thank you God!! I hate to hear that a pet has been lost. So glad to hear he was found.