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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some November Shots (Today's)


Blue said...

When I checked in to read your blog this morning, the soulful beauty of the photos of Atticus and the mountains brought me to tears.

I used to see the two of you walking in Newburyport and the bond between you was always so wonderfully obvious.

I especially like your photos of Atticus on a peak surveying the distant view.

Thank you so much for sharing this beauty and soul connection with us.


Thomas F. Ryan said...

Hello, Blue. I'm not sure who you are but I thank you for your warm words.

I never forget to be grateful for the bond between us, or the way he cherishes his views, or the numerous kindnesses extended to us when he went blind so I could save his eye sight.

Your email comes at a perfect time because I'm thinking about our bond a lot lately. Next Wednesday I will be turning in my updated manuscript for our story to my editor. So it's only natural that I've been reviewing our life together and always thinking how lucky we are.

Thanks again, Blue.

Jan said...

Ditto to Blue's post! Some of those pictures look like your standing in front of a picture. Great photos!