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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lenticular Cloud Over Mount Washington

There are times when the best shots aren't taken during the hike, but on the drive home from the hike. Returning from the Boulder Loop Trail this afternoon Atticus and I saw this wonderful lenticular cloud near Mount Washington.


Philip Werner said...

I love seeing these clouds. Great shot Tom.

1HappyHiker said...

Excellent photos Tom! Thanks for posting. I never grow weary of seeing photos of those magnificent clouds.

As I was returning to Bethlehem from a trip downstate, I could see those exquisite lenticular clouds over the Presidentials. As soon as I arrived in Bethlehem, I quickly drove up to the grounds of the Rocks Estate to snap a few photos. But by that time, the more spectacular display had ended. Although I captured nothing nearly as nice as what you did, I nonetheless published one rather mediocre snapshot on my Blog ( the Page entitled "BOTTOM OF THE BARREL"


Thomas F. Ryan said...

Hey, John. I checked out your blog (and the photo). Congratulations on a nice site!

SoapBird said...

I heard about your amazing journey on Animal Planet/Dog 101. May God continue to bless you both. Truly an inspiring story.Thanks for sharing!