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Monday, March 14, 2011

Middle Mountain Today

Don't ask me what he's thinking in that top photo. I really have no idea. I just knew that I wanted to get Atticus's photo when I saw him looking at me like that. In the second photo he's awaiting one of his favorite summit treats, Stella & Chewies Carnivore Kisses.

It was a mostly overcast day for this hike up Middle Mountain but we still had some great views. The snow is getting softer as spring approaches and there were a couple of times I actually postholed with my snowshoes on. Won't be long before all the snow is gone and we'll start seeking out snowfree trails.

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pat said...

I love this top picture of Atticus, he looks so confident and secure,,,,I can't wait to read your story having already felt its inspiration,,,,,,2 kindred spirits that happened to find one another,,,,,thank you so much for sharing,,,,,,a beautiful ongoing life!