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Monday, April 04, 2011

Our Guest Post Over at

Philip Werner over at has gone on walkabout. For the next two weeks he's doing a section of the Appalachian Trail. While he's gone he's asked ten guest bloggers to hold down the fort for him. Today, we bat lead off with our guest post. It's about a recent hike up Middle Mountain, over in North Conway's Green Hills Preserve. You can read it here.


1HappyHiker said...

Tom, I just read your thoroughly delightful and inspiring posting over on

I've excerpted some of your words that had particular meaning to me were:

"Used to be I had my lists . . . but . . . I've been cured of that curious mania . . . and now . . . I seek out the most beautiful places . . . I still hike the four thousand footers . . . but now it's because I want to hike a mountain and not because I need it . . . my wakeup call came . . . when my friend Steve Smith . . . said, 'You know, Tom, there are other places to hike below 4,000-feet.'"

So much of what you said in your article rings true with me as well. And yes, Steve Smith has certainly had a positive impact on many of us in the hiking community by opening our eyes to the pure joy of "off the list" hiking.


Tom said...

Thanks, John. I think we agree that Steve Smith is one of the best natural resources we have up here in the White Mountains!