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Monday, May 09, 2011

What a Sky!

I kicked myself for getting such a late start to our hike on Hedgehog. I always seem to get my best shots there early in the morning or later in the day. The overhead sun tends to wash things out a bit. However, my favorite shot of the day came at about two in the afternoon when Atticus and I were hanging out on the Eastern Ledge. Check out this sky above the eastern portion of the Sandwich Range, from Mount Chocorua to the left over to the shoulder of Passaconaway on the far right.


1HappyHiker said...

Tom . . . I can relate! I count myself as being among the "royalty" perhaps even the "king" of late starts! :)

Anyway, you did indeed capture a very nice image of a beautiful sky over the Sandwich Range. Experiences such as that make a day truly worthwhile, and it causes one to be thankful for living at such a remarkable place on the planet where such views are possible!


Tom (& Atticus) said...

John, what is it about those of us who have moved up here and late starts? When we came up every weekend to hike we were often on the trail first thing each morning! Now that we live here, it's easier to relax into the day and I think sometimes we are enjoying our every day life so much that we lose that urgency.

Tim @ Appalachia and Beyond said...

We can totally relate to late starts. It's rare that we get out the door to a trail before 10am. I guess that's better than not getting out at all. One day though we will get out and on the trail during the Golden Hour.