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Friday, January 05, 2007

Cabot: January 5, 2006

Interesting weather today. The forecast was for showers, with a high probability of rain between noon and 3:00 pm. Nothing. A few sprinkles on at the trailhead but that was it. As we climbed up past the Cabot cabin a half mile from the summit we could see ominous clouds coming in from west. By the time we reached the summit tree clouds were invading the wooded summit and the return to the cabin was a bit windwhipped and made us think that rain may just fall. But soon after we started the descent we dropped below the flat bottom of the clouds and it was clear we were going to remain dry for the return trip.

Today was summit number 19 on the winter and it was great to get back to the cabin early enough in the afternoon to stretch out and relax. This was our third day of hiking in a row and that would have been nearly impossible last winter with my troubled foot. But even with the Lyme Disease it's not a problem. Last week we hiked the Willey Range, Garfield and then the 23.3 mile Zealand/Bonds traverse in consecutive days. This week it's been the Hancocks, Osceolas and now Cabot. Cabot is nowhere near as challenging as the Bonds but it is still wonderful to be able to hike three days in a row.

Tomorrow's plans are unsure since the weather is uncertain. It looks like a rainy day. If it is we'll take it off and get ready for a long hike of some sort on Sunday. As always, weather will dictate what we are going to do.

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Dawn Middlestead said...

Such a great picture of you and Atticus. Thank you for including it in this Blog.