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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Owl's Head; January 27, 2008

The round trip to Owl's Head is 18 miles. However, after throwing in the Black Pond Bushwhack and a modified Brutie Bushwhack up the southwest side of Owl's Head we had a shorter, but no less tiring hike to the summit. The hike was made somewhat easier by the group size which made for a flattened trail with all the snowshoeing for Atticus to walk along.
Nevertheless, even with the bushwhacks thrown in, it was a long day, about 10 and a half hours.
Today, Sunday, we're getting a late start but that's okay since we're only off to do the Hancocks and that's close by and goes a bit quicker than most of the other hikes in the 10-mile range.
Tomorrow: Isolation

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