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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hale and Lyme

(On top of Hale on Saturday.)

The Lyme Disease flared up on Thursday and I struggled through Whiteface and Passaconaway with achy joints and the feeling that the flu was coming on. With Lyme the flu never comes on, you just feel like it is. The Lyme symptoms did not improve on Friday. When it was time to decide whether or not to hike on Saturday I almost didn't because of the way I was feeling but I chose Hale because it is a quick winter hike and I thought that it wouldn't be too burdensome.

I was hoping a good night's sleep would help. It didn't. So today, with either Jackson, Moriah or the Tripyramids on the agenda I decided to cancel the hike because I'm feeling very sick.

So today is a day for reading by the fire and getting ready for the Patriots. Tomorrow will be a new day and I'm hoping the spirochetes will have worn themselves out by then.

Now we just have to see what the weather will bring us. It's going to be colder, which will help with stream crossings so I don't mind. Still waiting, however, for the wind to slow so we can get above treeline. At least the colder weather will make doing Owl's Head, Twins & Galehead, and Isolation much easier and safer.

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Dawn Middlestead said...

It was Atticus's inspiration that helped you get through this day. What an amazing furry friend!