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Friday, November 06, 2009

North & South Hancock will be hiked for Gus & Harley

Here's the dedication as written by Nancy & Mike Lindberg:

Gus is a 13 1/2 year old schnauzer who has been our personal trainer since coming to share our lives as a puppy. He has helped raise our sons and keep us well trained through his constant vigilance. Due to age and health problems his hiking days are behind him, but his spirit could still soar to the top with Atticus. We'd like to dedicate Hancock to him. Our other dog is an age-indeterminate yellow lab named Harley. He was found by us just after returning from our trip to the Whites to conquer Mt Washington in 2004. We grabbed Gus and went for a stroll in our local woods only to come across a very dejected lab who promptly saw Gus and us and lay down with his head on his paws to await our approach. He looked in terrible shape (overweight, sores oozing on his feet) but realized we were his salvation and marched over a mountain (a small one!) to get in our car and come home with us. Gus was never a fan of dogs in general but seemed to sense a felllow in need and showed no animosity at this invasion. After a week in the pound and advertisement of a lost dog Harley came home to us. We only can conclude that he was abandoned and he has dedicated his being to letting us know how much he loves us on a daily basis. We would like to dedicate South Hancock to him. It is only fair that Gus gets the taller mountain.

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