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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slide Show: Caribou Mountain

Today we were in Evans Notch for a hike up Caribou. What a nice, quiet mountain. Only saw one other group today and we had the summit and the ledges to ourselves. We'll return to the notch later this week to climb Speckled Mountain to get the views of the beheaded Pressies and Carters we missed today. Our slide show from today's hike to Mount Caribou can be found here.


Ellen said...

The Evans Notch region is one of my favorite places to hike. The views are spectacular, lots of ledges, and there seem to be far fewer people. I can tell from Atti's face that it is one of his favorite areas too, or maybe he is just thrilled that you are both back on the trail more regularly.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Atticus gives you an "Amen!", Ellen. both to Evans Notch and to being out regularly again.

TM said...

Tom, it was nice to meet you and Atticus alongside the Wentworth on Saturday. What a neat dog! Thanks for introducing yourself and good luck with everything. -Teddy