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Thursday, June 10, 2010

"State of Maine" Stops by for a Visit


Anonymous said...

I have friends who are inn-keepers at the Notchland Inn in Crawford Notch area who have a mom bear and her three cubs that are stealing the birdfeeders there also. They have photos on their website; just like yours X3. Thanks for sharing yours.

Sky said...

seeing a bear like yours would thrill me to death! we are in western washington, and i have been hoping for a glimpse of a black bear for 7 years. we drove last summer to montana, saw glacier national park where we hoped to find one. no go. we were a few mins late on 2 occasions - others had just seen them eating huckleberries along the roadside. we drove north to banff and jasper. still no luck. same story - 1 or 2 mins late. hopefully we'll have better luck this summer. your bear is beautiful. so is atticus.

just found your blog and am enjoying reading your archives at the moment. a FB friend says you are writing a book which comes out in 2011 - can't wait!

love maine and NH - same sort of beauty we have here in WA and OR but less cold here on the coastal side. love your quotations from merton and the one i saw from sarton. (i was a correspondent of sarton during the last 10 years of her life.) wonder if you read don hall and jane kenyon, too.

hope you are feeling spry again soon. sorry to hear you had a recent medical emergency and glad you are on the mend. good luck to atticus on his upcoming eye surgery.