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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Dropping In On A Couple of Moose

We finished our hike on Pine Mountain on Sunday by bumping into these two. Atticus and I spent about twenty minutes with them, watching them gently eating. They didn't seem all that concerned with us, until at one point another party came up on us and startled the youngster for a bit.

This was just one more reminder about how our lives are truly blessed to be able to live up in this incredible land that seems like a world away from anything I've ever known.

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Ellen Snyder said...

Hi Tom,

You beat me to the comments. I thought of you and Atti as we had our own moose encounter on Davis Path and also every time I watched Kodi pause to take in the expansive views. Dogs -- our dogs anyway - know what life is about. Some day perhaps Kodi and Atti can meet and share trail stories!

I would like to hike the entire Davis Path, or at least to Mt. Isolation. I liked that back country. Seems like a good region to get away from crowds, especially if one can go during the week.

To safe hiking and good health.