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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today on Iron Mountain


Karl said...

Great pictures Tom. Love the first and second ones of Washington, snow covered.

Also love the fourth one of Atticus running with his ears up in the air. Very cute.

Have you ever made it over to the South Cliffs? Views are very nice from over there. The trailhead is beautiful, though, too.


Thomas F. Ryan said...

Hi Karl. Yes, we always go to the ledges. Plenty of great views to the south from there. Although not conducive while taking photos this time of year at noon since the sun is to the south and washes out the lens.

Ellen Snyder said...

I love the header photo with Atti in the foreground. The background looks like a pastel painting. I like seeing Atti skip across the meadow, enjoying this fine season. Such a good life.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thanks Ellen. Luckily you and I (and Kodi and Atticus) have jobs where we can enjoy this most amazing season.

I've noticed on your blog your latest photos. Up here (Jackson) the color orange is mostly gone other than the Pumpkin People. The hills are now a combination of rust red and evergreen. Soon they have the dusty look of empty trees and evergreen.

Jan said...

Great pictures, I love the ones of Atticus running around! He looks like he's having so much fun.