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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slide Show: Happiness on Iron Mountain

Hey, what's with all the running and jumping around, Atticus?

Simple, he was excited about getting out on a writing day. Sure we're busy with a deadline looming, but this is autumn in the White Mountains and that doesn't come around but once a year, not to mention a peak foliage day when there is also snow atop Mount Washington.

Here in Jackson we're blessed to have several close hiking options to choose from. This was especially important this morning since I wanted to get back to my desk and I also had no desire to fight with the crazed leaf peepers clogging our scenic byways.

I wanted some shots of Washington's snow summit so our choice in staying local was either the Doubleheads or Iron Mountain. Since we've done the Doubleheads more often, I opted for Iron Mountain, which is less than four miles away. It was a great choice.

As for those of you who haven't been to Iron Mountain, it's probably the only hike in the Whites where the view from the road may be better than the view from above.

The slide show can be seen by clicking here.


Jan said...

How beautiful the mountains are this time of year! Atticus looks like he is so excited to be out and about. Some day I am going to make a trip to these mountains. Enjoy!

John said...

It has been beautiful out hiking in the mountains Tom, but I think for the best scenics I should start hiking in your camera. Then I'd also get to see Atticus in stop action which is just as good.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Jan, these are incredible mountains, but they are never more beautiful than they are right now.

John, thanks for your kind words. I stopped hiking for hiking sake and turned instead to hiking for the souls sake. It has made all the difference. Funny what happens when you hike with a "Little Buddha".