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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bears Are Coming! The Bears Are Coming!

It's snowing out this morning in Jackson. It can snow all it wants to these days because it won't stop spring from arriving on Sunday. There will still be snow on the ground. We may even have more snow, but it won't stick around for long. Such a wonderful phenomenon - just as morning follows night and light follows darkness, spring follows winter.

One of my favorite parts of spring is getting to see our neighbors again. We become strangers in the winter when most everyone shuts themselves away for a few months. It's like a rebirth of sorts. Of course my favorite neighbors are those that have been hibernating all winter long. Soon our backyard bears will return and we'll get reacquainted. They'll come after my grill, look for birdseed, and just saunter on through the yard on their way to somewhere else.

They are such grand creatures! And oh so smart as well. Last year, the local newspaper had an article about how bears had learned how to open unlocked car doors. It's why I lock my doors at night.

I'm thankful for our bears, but I'm also thankful that Atticus enjoys watching them, but he also respects them and lets them be.


Karl said...

Hey Tom,

I hope to one day have neighbors up there too! Have fun watching spring arrive in Jackson!


Luka said...

What a strange sight. I am from Slovenia and we do have a fair share of bears here, but they usually do not come this close to a house. And I have never seen a dog watch them from so close distance. Wonderful! Atticus is one special dog, it is seen in his eyes!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Karl, hold onto that dream, man, and you will make it here!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Luka, the bears are very bold here. They're hungry and they come looking for food throughout the fairer months.

And you're right about Atticus, he is a bit different. He's sat and watched moose, mice, foxes, cranes (& other birds), and even chipmunks. Not sure why he is the way he is...he just is. I'm very fortunate.

Trekking Britain said...

Wow! :-)