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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Twins and Galehead hiked on February 25, 2007

Today we hiked under beautiful blue skies and through a Tim Burton White Winter Wonderland. We hiked up North Twin, over to South Twin and then Galehead. Another fine day on the trail. It was warm enough on the summits with the bright sun for Atticus to do some summit gazing.

Today was our second time on the Twins and Galehead this winter. It was our 56th-58th peaks this winter.

We now stand at 41 peaks in round one; 17 peaks in round two.

Tomorrow (Monday) we may be hiking Madison, Adams and Jefferson if the higher summits forecast holds true. It calls for temps in the teens up to 20 degrees and winds dropping down to 10-20 mph. Great conditions. The significance of these three is that if we summit them I'll become one of the 353 folks who have summited all 48 of 4,000-footers in the Whites since the 4,000-foot club was formed. And more importantly, Atticus will become only the second known dog to have ever done them all in winter, joining Brutus, Kevin Rooney's trail-breaking dog.

If the weather does not hold up as much as we would like, we'll be doing South Carter, Middle Carter, Carter Dome, Wildcat A and Wildcat D.

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Dawn Middlestead said...

As I continue reading your Blogs, it just amazes you were once not a hiker, neither was Atticus and the two of you became incredible hikers...he the leader and you the follower. So inspiring.