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Thursday, March 15, 2007

81 & Done?

I love this photo. It was taken by Jeff Veino a couple of weeks ago between North and South Twin.

That little guy behind me would follow me anywhere. (Even though he’s rarely behind me on any trail.) Knowing that, I have a responsibility to him. I have stated right from the very beginning of our hiking that I would do it so long as Atticus was safe and sound and happy. I think that may not be the case if this storm hits as predicted and we try to hike over the next few days.

We didn’t hike yesterday because we needed a rest day. And now the trails are deep slush and running water. Poor Atti wouldn’t like that one bit. We’re not hiking tomorrow. And then the storm is supposed to hit and dump some snow on us.

If it comes as predicted, I think our winter will be done. It’s just too much to make Atti wait while trail-breaking is done. In winter, he needs to keep moving to stay warm.
All that being said, it appears it’s 81 and done for us this winter. We will fall short of my goal to hike all 48 twice by four hikes: a Pressie Traverse; Cats and Wildcats; Isolation; and Moriah. Of course all that will change if the storm isn’t much of a storm at all and the cold weather solidifies these rotting trails. But that’s a lot to hope for at this time. Either way we will head north tomorrow…just in case.

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Dawn Middlestead said...

I love that photo too. It captures such a beautiful friendship.