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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Carters...maybe Cats tomorrow

It's the day after the storm and we're doing fine. Not as much accumulation as we had expected, but still a good amount of snow. Not sure what the higher elevations have but we will find out tomorrow when we hike the Carters and perhaps the Cats, too.

We stand at 81 peaks right now with 4 hikes and 15 peaks left. Again, it is doubtful we'll be able to do this by the time winter ends on Tuesday at 8:00 pm. Much depends of course on the snow conditions and depth and, as always, what it looks like above tree line. However, the Mt Washington Observatory is having a difficult time with its internet service and posting the forecast so we have yet to see what the weather will be.

Yesterday, on the way up here the roads were so bad we spun out of control and ended up 30 feet off the road in a ditch. Then today, with thoughts of heading to Moriah we spun out once again, this time near the Flume parking on Rt. 3. Very dangerous driving. I'm sure it will be better by tomorrow morning.

That's it for now from the two of us.

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Unknown said...

This was a great update on your progress with only a few days left of that winter season.