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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moosilauke Photos

With my laptop on the DL as of late, I've been using my desktop, which has a dial-up connection to the internet. Therefore photos have been processed and posted a lot later than normal. Photos will be posted over time. The two best photo days were Friday, on Moosilauke under bright blue skies, and Monday's Bonds Traverse. So they will be the first to go up from this weekend.

I plead guilty to a lack of creativity as crunch time is here and we are well into our second round. The camera didn't come out of the case on Saturday while doing Cannon (it was still dark); and rarely did it make an appearance on Cabot, because of minimal scenery and a lack of "artistic" motivation. I didn't even bother to bring it on the Waumbek hike, although a gentleman we met on the trail took some photos of us and emailed them. Sunday's Owl's Head shots were taken by one of our hiking partners for the day, and she has promised them to us. In anticipation of some kind of precipitation I stuck my digital in a plastic bag today inside my pack and it rarely saw the light of the gray day.

A part of me looks forward to the end of this winter adventure. For I think when the hectic pace is all said and done I will finally be able to sit down and write about it at length. Right now the energy of living my Newburyport life and my White Mountain life at the same time is more than a little distracting. Don't get me wrong...I love this adventure. But with so much hiking and with trying to keep pace financially and with what's going on back home in Newburyport I am rather dried up when it comes to being creative. Such are the symptoms while seeking more than inspiration from these mountains. Atticus and I are on a marathon and the most difficult part of a marathon is always the last part of it. So I apologize for being a little less creative and inspired in these posts and with the photographs.

Moosilauke photos can be found here.

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Dawn Middlestead said...

Please do not ever apologize for being "less creative and inspired". I have found each and every Blog to be creative and inspiring. Thank you for all of them.