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Friday, March 02, 2007

North & South Kinsman; March 1, 2007

The day after finishing our first round of 48 Atticus and I decided to beat the coming snow storm by hiking North and South Kinsman. These were our 66th and 67th 4,000-footers of the winter. The first and last shots are of Franconia Ridge from Lonesome Lake. The second photo is from the view point at North Kinsman while the third shot is on the summit of South Kinsman.

We had originally planned a longer hike but decided instead to rest. We didn't hit the trail until 1:00 pm and were down by 6:30, feeling lucky to have finally earned a good rest. Over the last four days we have hiked three days and topped 12 summits, with 18 summits over the last nine days.

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Dawn Middlestead said...

You and Atticus sure completed a lot in that last four days. I am sure you felt invigorated...Atticus too.