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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Beating the Crowds and the Bugs to the Summit of Chocorua on a Saturday Morning

This morning Atticus and I were on the trail at 7:00 a.m. and on the summit of Chocorua by 9:00 a.m. There were only two other people up on top. However, on the way down, we passed a conga-line of hikers (probably 40 to 50)...and that was just one of the approaches. I imagine right around now (2:30 in the afternoon) that summit is packed tighter than a subway coming from Fenway just after a Sox game lets out.

Chocorua is a beautiful mountain, with stunning 360 degree views. I don't begrudge people for wanting to be up there, but give me a quiet summit any day.


LM said...


Oh yea you and Atticus know how to enjoy a mountain top for sure. In my "hey daze" of hiking I remember always running into people on the way down asking me, "you were already on top or did you turn around??". On top! yea this top , blah blah and blah blah as well. I use to start up the trail real early, especially coming from near Boston. It was worth waking up at 4am to drive north to get an early start, you know. Nothing better than having the place to your self. I also do not miss riding the T before and after the sox game. Talk about total opposites a packed train and an open FREE summit! LOL.

Hazel Marie may you always be FREE.

charbs said...

I LOVE this photo. Atticus looks like my parents' dog, Pepper. Gorgeous!!!