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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Letter From A New Visitor To Our Blog

Dear Tom:

God has the weirdest sense of humor, not to mention timing. Let me explain.

Had the blues last night something fierce. To put this in context, I'll have to tell you why. My fiancé died of a sudden heart attack 6 years ago. We were together 14 years. Grief has a freakish way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. If I had turned to my work for distraction, it would have been to finish up an appeal for a fellow wrongfully convicted of child sexual abuse. Not happening, no relief there. It's a tough topic.

So I turned to my books, specifically my grandfather's writings. Upon opening one of his books, a poem fell out which had been stuck between the pages. It was Rudyard Kipling's "The Power of the Dog." Well, that didn't cheer me up either because my constant companion, a Westie named Arthur is approaching his twelfth year and showing some signs of age. (His name was to be Atticus but I was outvoted.)

But curiosity got the better of me because the last few lines were missing from the bottom of the page. (What a powerful poem...) So naturally I Googled it and your site came up first. Three hours later, I noticed my muscles were sore. I hadn't moved from the computer. Mere words cannot express how profoundly your writings of your life with Atticus affected me. Still trying to wrap my brain around it...

At the very least, in reading your posts, any concerns I had that I had become reclusive were put to rest. I, too, thoroughly enjoy - and prefer - the company and solitude of my dog, the water, my computer and my books. We live on the water (off the Chesapeake Bay) so I see no reason to leave unless I have to go to court or for basics. Never one to follow the crowd, it did however, strike me as a life increasingly very different from the busy, hectic world most choose. But the fact remains, we are very content. (Of course, we did grow up in very exciting times, did we not?)

Anyway, I would like to post an article about you and Atticus on my blog. So I am asking for your permission to post your story and a few of your wonderful pictures. I can send you the final draft for your approval also.

I commend you on finding and then following your heart. In doing so, you set the bar high - where it should be.

I am going to stop now. Check out my blog so you can gain some insight too this not so typical lawyer - Thank God, again!

P.S. Why did you pick Atticus Finch for his name?

Constance Camus

(Constance's blog can be
found here.)

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