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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Cannon Mountain: November 2, 2007

That's Atticus sitting on top of Cannon Cliffs gazing over at Lafayette and Lincoln on Franconia Ridge. The slope leading up from the right is the top portion of the Three Agonies. Cannon Cliffs is the only reason we ascend Cannon Mountain on the steep and horribly eroded Kinsman Ridge Trail. It is one of my favorite places in these mountains. It sits atop of what used to be The Old Man of the Mountain. The lighting was strange today. Not a cloud in the sky but plenty of glare, as you will notice in the photos. Instead of descending the same trail Atti and I walked down the steep ski slopes, something we've only done in winter. It proved to be a good choice as it gave us different views over at the craggy mountains across the way. The slide show from this hike can be found here.

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Unknown said...

The Little Buddha, what an incredible picture of Atticus. He was taking it all in, gazing out at the beauty of Cannon Cliffs.