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Friday, November 30, 2007

We Want You!

Don't look now but the beginning of winter is only three weeks away from tomorrow. Some time after 1:08 am on December 22nd Atticus and I will be starting our Winter Quest to do the improbable: hike each of the 48 4,000-footers twice in the 90 days of winter and use it as a fundraiser for Angell Animal Medical Center. It is my experience that many of you who plan to donate by dedicating a peak have a tendency to wait to do so. However, this is our most popular fundraising mechanism but once a mountain is hiked we cannot collect money for it later. To clarify, it is our goal to have someone dedicate each of the 96 peaks so I'm hoping to get to people to make their dedications on the first round before winter starts. Then the second round will be filled in as more people find out about the quest as it goes on throughout the winter and press coverage picks up. Therefore, if you are planning on dedicating a mountain for us to hike in your pet's honor, or in the memory of a pet that has passed, please don't hesitate. We don't need the money until the end of the winter. However, we do need to fill in the available mountains on the first list. So please consider making your dedication now before we start. And if you cannot afford to make this donation to benefit the Angell Animal Medical Center (or even if you can) please forward information on this site to as many animal lovers as you possibly can on your email list. Thank you in advance. And for an idea of what Angell does, you can check out this video. And you may want to check out this link on "Why Angell?".

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