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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's With The Clouds?

It was a very gloomy day weatherwise for a hike in the Whites. Each summit was draped in heavy clouds and that's one of the reasons I chose Tecumseh for our afternoon hike. However, on the way down the clouds lifted, just as we got to the viewpoint that abuts the Waterville Valley ski slopes and we were treated to a wonderful light show on and over the Tripyramid's. The slide show may beg the question, just how many photos can one man take of the Tripyramid's? Actually, I found myself sitting down on the slope to watch and see just what the clouds would do and I found myself paying more attention to the clouds than the mountains. Our timing was impeccable for as soon as we left and re-entered the woods a small but furious snow squall blew down upon us until we reached the car. The slide show can be found here.

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