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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meet Trail

Yesterday was a rest day after three hikes in four days. Today is a rain day. No hiking, just laundry, shopping and other errands. As we wait out the weather, I wanted you to meet "Trail". That's her on the right. She belongs to Kim Dunham (or vice-versa, or maybe the best way to put it is to say they belong together). No matter how you put it, Kim is the Postmaster of the North Woodstock, New Hampshire Post Office and she has dedicated North Kinsman to Trail during our Winter Quest. What that means is that when we hike North Kinsman for the first time this winter, we'll be doing it in honor of Trail, Kim's hiking partner. Then, when the hike is done and it is reported on this website, Trail's photo will appear on this site since the peak was done in her honor. You too can dedicate a mountain to a pet you love, as Kim has done, or to pet you have lost, as others have done. Your pets photo will go on this website once that peak is completed, along with photos from the hike itself. And it's all for a good cause because every cent that's raised on these hikes is going to Angell Animal Medical Center. To follow Kim's lead and make a donation to this wonderful not-for-profit organization that helps thousands of animals each year, click here.

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