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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bald Mountain & Artist's Bluff

More shots from our "neighborhood". Plans for a longer hike were scrapped after a weird night of little sleep. Therefore the amended plan was to keep it local and short. A 10 minute ride up the road is Bald Mountain with its breathtaking views into the belly of Franconia Notch The first shots from a peak is from Bald Mountain. Then after ducking into the woods for a bit, we surfaced on the aptly named Artist's Bluff, where many a White Mountain artist set up and spent their days painting the Notch. The ski mountain to the right is Cannon. To the left of that, in many of the shots, and the one mountain that dominates most of the photos is Lafayette with Eagle Cliff in the foreground. Photos from today's little journey are here.

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Gillian Swart said...

Great shots of the mountains, Tom. Maybe up there will be my next move as well, when the time comes.