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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Slide Show from a Spring Day

Today was another writing day. (Yes, Atticus is restless on these days.) However, I kept the peace by getting outside a few times with him. And you will note how happy he is to be in the woods in these shots. We got to the Flume where we sat on our favored fallen tree. What I noticed was how spring exploded sometime between yesterday and today. Green buds were everywhere! Then, just after dinner, we took the ten minute ride up to Franconia Notch and walked around a bit. It crossed my mind that in the time it used to take me to drive from my downtown Newburyport apartment to Moseley Pines, I was in the Notch. Each of these photos were taken so close to our home that you in Newburyport, or those checking in from places other than in the mountains, can understand why we love it up here. The natural beauty is breathtaking. Here's the slide show.

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