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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Jackson Beavers

Compared to our life back in Newburyport, we lead a rather simple, but blissful existence these days. One of our simple pleasures here in Jackson is walking to the top of the falls, then taking a right onto Valley Cross Road to the beaver pond. We've seen moose and a bear there in the past, but the beavers are always there. Typically we visit with them during the last two hours of daylight, as we did yesterday. Last year I counted five. So far this year I've only seen three.

They are cute and bold and industrious. They don't mind Atticus and, as in the case of the bear the other day or the bat a little while ago, Atticus is respectful of them. He sits and watches them and they'll swim to within a few feet of the shore. Perhaps that's because from time to time we bring them apples and feed them.

People staying in one of the local inns often come looking for moose and when they don't see one many aren't all that impressed with the beavers and they leave disappointed. I always amazed by this. How often does one get to see beavers up close like this?


Anonymous said...

Atticus is a beautiful dog. I had a female that looked identical that passed away and i have never got over her yet. When i see Atticus he just puts a smile on my face. The mini Schnauzer has to be the best companion of all dogs.

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thanks for checking in. I'm sorry about your loss. It's definitely hard to lose a mini schnauzer because they are such loyal one-person dogs and the bond is stronger than any other breed I've seen.

Atticus and I have already agreed to the Winnie the Pooh contract for living and dying (written by A.A. Milne): "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."