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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Slide Show: Today We Went Up Country...

...okay, well I know Peaked Mountain is not all that up compared to the higher peaks, but it was a snow-free, shorts-wearing kind of day and we loved it. And, you know you've been waiting for another one, we've even got a slide show. Turn up the volume and click here.


Anonymous said...

Loved the slideshow. Who doesn't love Canned Heat - good choice. Dave (Madhatter)

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Thanks, Dave. It was a great day to be out. Today is too, unfortunately got lots of writing to do. We're off to South Moat tomorrow.

Hope to see you two around soon.

And you are correct, who doesn't love Canned Heat?

Anonymous said...

As you know I love your scenics and your Atticus picts, especially the latter. There's such a wonderful soul revealed in his eyes. But you've "ruined" my work lunch Tom. I'm wondering why I'm so stupid as to be inside on a computer when I could be out hiking with Pepper on a day like today. Be sure to post your Moat picts so I can ruin my Monday lunch.


Thomas F. Ryan said...

Hey John, you know you're inside because you need to work to keep Pepper in the life he's grown accustomed to. Lucky dog that he is.

Where you off to tomorrow?