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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Slide Show: An August Day In April On South Moat

It was hot and it was hazy and it was quite beautiful as well. The Moats never, ever disappoint. And when the heat got to be a bit much Atticus found some patches of snow perfect for lying in. Once on the summit we were cooled by a refreshing breeze. The haze took away from some of the dramatics of the view but I think you'll like the slide show nevertheless. Click here to see it.


Ari Herzog said...

No photos of you in the show? You should teach Atticus to use a camera!

I think my favorite shot is near the end with him smiling and his tongue hanging out, just before the one with the barren tree.

cocoandkeya said...

he looks like he is thinking " hurry up and take the picture so i can go back to taking in this great view"

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Ari, part of our strength is knowing who belongs in front of the camera and who belongs behind it.