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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Order Up: A Beautiful Day, Please

If April, the beginning of mud season, is indeed the ugliest month in the mountains, we had a pretty spectacular start to it today. After the never-ending rains finally ended we awoke to birdsong, blue skies and spectacularly mild weather. It’s already in the 60s and promises to stay there (and maybe even hit the 70s) over the next few days.

Atticus has been bit by spring fever and he refuses to relax as I try to write. He has instead gone on sit down strike and is not near my desk as he typically is, but by either the front or back door hoping that the power of suggestion will force me to take him outside.

I promise him, “Later. We’ll go later.”

But after all that rain and dreariness and he wants to go out now. Can’t say as I blame him. Were I not on deadline and under the gun I would be opening that door. (Something tells me I’ll be doing that anyway, and a lot sooner than I planned.)

We did start out the day with a walk around the village and to check the mail. We stopped by JTown Deli for a whole wheat sesame seed bagel with veggie cream cheese to go. And, as you can see above, Atticus placed an order for one of his special treats with Nancy behind the counter. We took our breakfast to one of the gazebos and sat by the Wildcat River.

As for later, I think we’ll probably head over to North Conway and check out Peaked Mountain. It’s a nice little climb with a good workout. It’s located at the Green Hills Preserve.

This really is a pretty wonderful place to be. Even on the first day of the ugliest month of the year.


Ellen Snyder said...

Today was such a lovely day.

cocoandkeya said...

i love following your blog....and your DOG ;)

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Yes, Ellen, it was an incredible day up here. More to come, too.

Thanks, Keya. Atticus is thrilled to have you following him.