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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lafayette Was Hiked For Troubles & Rusty

When we hiked Lafayette last week we did so in memory of Troubles (pictured) and Rusty. The following is what the donors (who wished to remain anonymous) wrote about Rusty and Troubles:

My wife and I would like to dedicate this mountain to our two favorite dogs from our childhoods.

My wife's family's dog was named Rusty. Rusty was a daschund who was just full of life. She loved my wife's brother in particular so much that my wife's parents would have to lock Rusty up if they ever wanted to discipline my wife's brother. Rusty was always a loyal and friendly companion.

The other dog we'd like to dedicate this mountain to is Troubles, my favorite dog from my childhood. Troubles was one of the most intelligent dogs that I ever met, great with kids and still a great watch dog. I wasn't into hiking when Troubles was alive but I know that he would have been a great hiker.

One of my favorite stories about Troubles was the time that three loud miscreants were wandering by our house at 2am. The moon was out a bit that night, so we could clearly see their silhouettes. We saw the miscreants trespass onto our neighbor's property and begin checking doors to try to break in. Our neighbor was an elderly widow. Nothing good could come of this. Troubles was going nuts inside our house, so my father let Troubles out.

Wow, you have never heard such a racket. It was a dark night, and Troubles was all black, so all the miscreants saw were teeth. We heard a lot of growling and screaming and branches snapping as Troubles chased the miscreants through the woods behind our neighbor's house. After a while my father called Troubles, and he came out of the woods, wagging his tail. The police arrived a few minutes later. We never found out who the miscreants were, but I assume they never forgot the experience.