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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tomorrow's Plan Changed

We had hoped to meet up with some friends from the popular on-line hiking website Views From The Top for a hike up the Ammo Trail tomorrow morning. They would head right, towards the summit of Mt. Monroe then over Eisenhower, Pierce and Jackson. Atticus and I would have turned left, towards Washington then after summiting Atti and I would return the way we came and then follow the trail left by the others over Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce & Jackson. However, tomorrow's Mount Washington Observatory Higher Summits Forecast has forced a change in the plans for Atticus and me.

In the clouds w/ a chance of snow and snow showers. Wind chills 35
- 45 below.
Highs: falling to middle singles below 0°F
Wind: W shifting NW at 65-85 mph w/ higher gusts

I'm not sure what we will do tomorrow now, perhaps Whiteface/ Passaconawy or Carrigain or if the weather does not cooperate more writing.

Today, while doing some research for my writing I came upon the following by Thomas Starr King, written back in the 1800's. I liked it and thought I would share it with you. It describes the area just a five minute drive from where we live:

[S]ee the great hills assume a deeper blue or purple; see the burly Cannon Mountain stand, a dark abutment, at the gate of the Notch, unlighted except by its own pallor; and, as the sun goes down, watch his last beams of crimson or orange cover with devastating fire the pyramidal peaks of the three great Haystacks, and then decide whether language can recall or report the pomp of the spectacle.